85 Service Design Methods in a Deck of Cards

Learn, teach or workshop with your client or team using SXD Cards.

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Meet your new favorite SXD tool

SXD Cards bring all the elements of a Service Design project into one deck for easy referencing.

Each deck contains:
  • 85 SXD method, tool and activity cards
  • Beautiful illustrations and clear descriptions
  • 4color sections for each project stage
  • 88 x 146mm (approx 3.45 x 5.75 inches)
  • Full-color offset printing 350gsm silk-paper

"These cards are a fantastic resource! They're helpful for navigating through the design process, where the possibilities are endless. They're also great for supporting designers to communicate why they've chosen certain methods and deliverables, and to advocate for human-centric experiences."

Azmina Karimi

Service Designer, Audible, Inc. Amazon

“SXD Cards are fantastic at having everyone on the same page. Their versatility makes them useful at any time: when starting our research process, in early-stage co-creation sessions, as a task-managing element… the possibilities are endless! They aid the designers, save lots of time and promotes team bonding!”

Andrea Reyes Montenegro

Service Designer, Ford Motor Company

"We often end up relying on the same old techniques, but these cards remind us of how diverse design techniques are and help us to tap into that broad range. The cards are so tactile and easy, they allow teams to find the right method for what they need to do."

Mike Laurie

Service Designer, Lloyds Banking Group

“As someone who is/has been the sole Service Designer within a company, SXD Cards help me illustrate Service Design techniques to clients, coworkers, and supervisors who have no prior design experience. These cards are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are very helpful and practical to have around the Design office. SXD Cards bring visual understanding, common language, and project clarity into my work meetings. I will definitely continue to bring these Cards with me into each project meeting!“

Taylor Coleman

Service Designer, Intercontinental Hotels Group

“SXD Cards address a common pain-point in service design projects - making the intangible, tangible. The cards cover the essential service design tools and make them easy to understand, and share. Starting from a common reality enables the most effective kind of collaboration and SXD Cards makes that possible.“

Jonathan Kalinowski

Senior Service Designer, FJORD

“Great for new teams learning to apply service design in their organisation. They will help you work together to choose the best approach for your organisation. I like the simplicity of them - they are immediately usable.”

Kimberley Reynolds

Strategic Designer, Service Design Network

"These cards are fantastic. Perfect for workshops or projects when you need that creative spark and human-centred reflexes."

Rob Seddon

Service Designer, IAG Insurance

“At a time when 'everyone is a service designer', Service Design Cards shows the depth and breadth of the methods we apply daily in our professional practice. These cards are fun and informative, with a multitude of uses, from project planning to capability building. Service Design Cards is a great tool to use with colleagues, clients and students!“

Sasha Abram

Service Designer, Westpac Bank

“Get and stay up to speed! SXD Cards inspire (and challenges) service designers to select the most suitable methods to address their specific context (instead of sticking to the same old tools you're comfortable with). SXD Cards are a very helpful resource for any service designer and I'll certainly keep the deck on my work desk in arms reach!”


Marc Fonteijn

Service Design Show, Host


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